In mid-15th century it started as a trickle, a mere tremor…Then it gathered momentum, blazing its destructive trail across Igbo land, devastating and ravaging all in its path—the suffering, the brutality, the devastation that characterized that inhuman trade—insecurity reigned, normal life shattered…Her civilization crumbled!

Uwa city-state hitherto protected by a rugged terrain and the great river had been spared the rampaging effects of this nefarious trade. But around mid–19th century, into her calm waters sailed three slave boats…like harbingers of death they came…bringing Uwa face to face with the devastating effects of the iniquitous slave trade, precipitating the onslaught of kidnapping, slave raids and unprovoked war fares. Thus plunging Uwa into depths of human degradation—trafficking in human beings as mere commodities! Tufia!

Uwa went on alert!

Four days later, Okoro—an enigmatic, charismatic, ruthless slave merchant from the land of the great oracle, Ako Kingdom appeared at the borders of the city-state—and declared his intention to settle in Uwa, posing a dilemma for Uwa Elders……What to do?…..You do not refuse Ako man the right to settle on your land…that will be courting disaster, inviting annihilation within a native week.

But his coming, was it a coincidence…on the heels of the slave boats?

Uwa Supreme Council of Elders spearheaded by Okaomie fought to save Uwa. How will it all end?

Was it Uwa’s turn to be ravaged and destroyed by the rapacious trade?  








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