My new book, Omezue, the Complete Achiever, Volume One of the Victims Series



In Uwa, the peak of achievement was the Omume title, the highest and last title every Uwa man or woman can take. After which he or she earns the title—Omezue, the Complete Achiever. But for three generation, the Okaomie lineage has been under an oracular death curse that forebodes anyone from that lineage taking the title. Omezue, the Complete Achiever follows the trans-Atlantic Slave Trade as it blazed its destructive trail across the Igbo land of Ugo. It tells about an epic story of a people’s struggle for survival, and a family’s quest to exorcise an oracular death curse.

Victims strewn all along the route—those sold into slavery, those left behind to mourn them, and the slave masters so calloused by the brutalities demanded by the trade that they lost all touch with humanity, thus becoming victims too.


The fishermen of Uwa, a city-state in the Igbo land of Africa bring disturbing news to the elders. Three slave ships—certain harbingers of death—are anchored off the coast of the city-state. The sighting of the boats spells doom for the people.

The elders are very aware of what has happened in other communities—kidnappings, slave raids, and warfare. Uwa has gone on alert and has adopted a vigilant watch for the slave traders. They will do all they can to avoid being ravaged and destroyed by the rapacious slave trade.

Four days later, Okoro Okonta, an enigmatic, charismatic, ruthless slave merchant from the Ako Kingdom, strolls into the city-state and declares his intention to settle in Uwa. The state elders cannot refuse an Ako man the right to settle in the land—that would be inviting certain annihilation within the week. But the elders wonder if his arrival, on the heels of the slave boats, was just a coincidence or something else entirely.


4 thoughts on “My new book, Omezue, the Complete Achiever, Volume One of the Victims Series

      1. Iyalla M.Agada

        Wow! what an interesting book about African culture. This is another :Things Fall Apart”. Well written and well explained. This is a book every elite should have on his. or her book shelf. Congratulation ! !

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